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We build brand experience, not just a website. With creativity and experience, we create intuitive web design, impactful online experiences by balancing the visual technology. Our goal is to make the web presence look great with excellent user experience. 


We build secure, scalable cutting edge web solutions, empowering our clients with adaptive web applications built using SQL, MongoDB, React, Node.js and more, to simplify complex business workflows.



We help you turn your business into brand through customer relationship, knowing your needs and wants. We Don’t just Bring Traffic; We bring Value to our customers through digital marketing.



Brand is the identity of your business. We provide different service packages to address your specific needs. Not only logo or a business card, we make sure all your office essentials are designed elegantly in accordance with your business concern.



Creativity tools helps to communicate and engage your business more with the clients. Our team will work with your business for creative contents through strategic research plans to make an engaging contents. Not only that, through Videography and Photography, we make sure to give better understanding of not just the message but behind the message through easier, faster and clear than just a cluster of words.

Technologies We Use

Who We Are

Zoek Tech was founded in 2020 by the founders of the YouTube channel Seek Boys.

We are college friends and after graduation, we started a YouTube channel to start doing things that challenge ourselves in our lives. The idea was simple, come up with different ideas that we randomly imagine or even the things that pop in our mind while showering, while in toilet or while idling but most importantly, execute it, no matter how stupid it is.

The simple idea of “Starting the idea” is something that places all of us to the same starting point. And that is how Zoek Tech started.

We used to dream of having our own software company back in college and finally we decided to chase our dream no matter how difficult it is. Since our educational background is software engineering, we decided to run our own software company. We are so much connected with the term “Seek”, and being a human, we have always been seeker right from the evolution, till date. So while seeking for the company name, we came up with the term “Zoek”, derived from Dutch language which also means “Seek”.

Our goal is to utilize all our learnings and set of skills to give value and top-notch quality service to our clients.

What Our Clients Says

"Super hardworking creative people
that I have worked with. Totally trustworthy company according to my experience. "

Somjil Lama
Co-Founder of US realestate
"Quality and Timely delivered as promised. Quality service. "

Kushal Bhatta
Owner of Thot It Consultancy
"Super friendly young professional people full of ideas which helped me to know what I wanted to put on my website"

Rushil Joshi
Co-Founder of Joshi Suppliers

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